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It's the summer of 2014, and we're giving away FREE STUFF again!!    We'll double the cooling time of every Neck Chiller by giving away a free gel strip with the purchase of every Neck Chiller PLUS free Neck Chillers too (click on "Neck Chiller" page for details).  Plus we're giving away FREE logos on the refreezeable sport coolers

Are you tired of driving around town doing errands, only to find that the bottle of water you left in the car is too hot to drink?  No more warm yucky drinks!  Our refreezeable personal-sized water/wine cooler will keep your drink nice and cold all day long.

(Above photo)  Our proprietary refreezable cooler is 4 products-in-one  that will keep your favorite beverage ice cold up to almost all day, and you carry it on your shoulder.  That's the complete cooler in the middle of the photo (above), with two of the refreezeable inserts (Energy Cartridges) on each side.  The left Energy Cartridge is holding a one liter bottle of water while the one on the right shows the accessory screw-on lid and cap.  The cooler in the middle has one of the Energy Cartridges with lid inserted into the double insulated tote bag with carrying strap.  Everyone who purchases one of our refreezable coolers gets: the refreezable Energy Cartridge, a double-insulated tote bag plus the screw on lid and cap.   

As we mentioned above, our innovative refreezeable cooler is FOUR products in one, and will: 1) hold a one liter beverage bottle; or 2) a couple cans of your favorite soda or beer; or 3) comes with a screw-on accessory lid and cap that quickly converts it into a high-tech refreezable canteen; and 4) it's also the finest portable wine cooler in the world (see photo below) because it quick chills a bottle of wine in 10-15 minutes and also cools down several more bottles during a picnic outing.  Our personal-sized refreezable cooler will keep your drink ice cold most of the day, or will make a "room temperature" drink cold in about 45 minutes (faster than your home 'fridge can cool down a drink).  Click on the "Refreezable Cooler" page for some great photos and more details.

MORE FREE STUFF - We're giving away FREE sport and military logos on the tote bags: boy or girl soccer player; girl or boy baseball; tennis and golf.  Or get a tote bag with a branch of service logos; USMC, USAF, Navy, Army and National Guard.  To see logo photos, click on Promotional tab and Refreezeable Cooler tab at the top of the page.

(left) This refreezable cooler is holding a nice bottle of German white wine.

NECK CHILLER:  The Kawabunga Cooler Company is the only company that sells the reusable Neck Chiller to keep you ice-cool on even the hottest summer days.  Don't confuse our Neck Chiller with the old fashioned neck cooler that cools you slightly from evaporation, is wet and messy, plus you can't wash it so it only lasts one season.  Our innovative Neck Chillers (photo below) are cloth-covered flexible frozen strips of refreezable gel that you wear on your neck, they're washable, are reusable for years and they're the best deal you'll get for only $7.50 (S&H included!!) .  AND, the ladies tell me the Neck Chiller provides INSTANT RELIEF for hot flashes!!  Please click on "Neck Chiller" for more info on how it works as well as to see some photos and to read about our FREE givaways

TECHNI ICEtm:  Kawabunga Coolers also presents a wonderful Australian ice-replacement product called Techni IcetmTechni Ice is the most efficient and long lasting ice-replacement product made anywhere in the world.  Techni Ice will keep an ice chest full of food and beverages nice and cold all weekend long even in the desert.  It gets colder than either ice cubes or Blue Icetm, there's no mess from melting ice, and it's reusable for YEARS.  For more information, click on the "Techni Ice" tab and then go to the shopping page to get a few sheets for your ice chest.

Promotion and Fund Raising:  Are you a member of a corporation who is looking for a promotional product that's different and much better than what other companies are handing out as gifts?  Golf tournement organizers can now stuff contestant Goody Bags with something the players will actually use for years to come.  Or perhaps you have a fund raising group or sport team that's looking for a better way to raise money than car washes, selling melted chocolate or holiday wrapping paper?  If so then click on the "Promotional" button for some great ideas.    

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